Shunfu Hu
Graduate Student   large product photo

B.S. Materials Science Engineering with a minor in Computer Science and Networking
University of New Hampshire, 2007.

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Materials Science at the University of New Hampshire with an anticipated graduation date of 2011. 

Since joining the Materials Science program at UNH in 2005, Shunfu has collaborated with GT Solar Inc.© on research for silicon-nitride anti-reflective coating for solar cells using a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition method (PECVD). This greatly improved power conversion efficiency as well as reduced manufacturing costs.  Shunfu then worked with Nanocomp Technologies Inc.© for research in analysis of carbon nanotubes to better understand their growth mechanisms.  He is currently collaborating with Velcro Inc.© on novel nano-fasteners using carbon nanotubes (CNT's) as well as CNT composites. 

Shunfu's interests include computer hardware, music, and playing soccer in his free time. 

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