Recent Activities in the Miller Research Group: 
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 Ryan Kopreski is scheduled to defend his Ph.D. thesis in April, 2010.

 Chandrani Pramanik would dearly like to defend her Ph.D. thesis by end of summer 2010.

 In April, 2010, Glen Miller will co-host (with Outreach Coordinator Susan Greenberg)  approximately 50 K-12 teachers for the 6th Annual K-12 Teacher Nanotechnology  Conference at the University of New Hampshire.   

 Jonathan Briggs is lead author of a chapter entitled “Hydrogenated [60]Fullerenes” in a book dedicated to hydrogenated fullerenes (Fulleranes, Springer Publishing, edited by Franco Cataldo) to be published in April, 2010.

In 2009, postdoctoral fellow Irvinder Kaur spearheaded a research effort that included two undergraduates (Nathan Stein, Chemistry, class of 2010 and Polina Prusevich, Biochemistry, class of 2010) to prepare the first nonacene derivative. Nonacene is a member of the acene family of organic semiconductors.  This work was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society and highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News. It was also widely reported in technical internet and print news outlets around the world.


 In July of 2009, Glen Miller was awarded a US Patent entitled “Three-Dimensional Nanoelement Selection and Assembly”.  


 In September of 2009, the Nanoscale Science & Engineering Center at the University of New Hampshire, Northeastern University and UMass Lowell (UNH Director, Glen Miller) was renewed by the National Science Foundation providing $12.5M of funding for 5 additional years of nanomanufacturing research, education and outreach activities.


 Nathan Stein has now co-authored two papers in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.  


 Polina Prusevich was recently accepted to several graduate programs and has chosen Johns Hopkins University to pursue her graduate studies.   


 Nathan Stein and Irvinder Kaur will present separate posters at the 2010 National ACS Meeting in San Francisco.   


 Since 2008, Irvinder Kaur has been lead author on 4 papers including 3 to the Journal of the American Chemical Society. In November of 2009, Irvinder was recently promoted to Research Scientist at UNH.


 In 2009, James Mack (Ph.D. 2000) was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati.


 In 2009, the Miller research Group became the 1st academic laboratory in the U.S. to purchase and install a Bruker SMART X2S benchtop crystallographic system, a revolutionary instrument that makes X-ray crystallography accessible to chemists without specialized training in X-ray crystallography. Research Scientist Jonathan Briggs maintains the instrument and has successfully solved over 50 crystal structures.  Jon is lead author on the very first paper describing an X-ray crystal structure that was solved using the X2S instrument.  Jon is now a recognized expert in the use of the X2S instrument and was invited to speak at the February, 2010 Bruker-AXS / MIT Symposium.  This annual symposium held on the MIT campus attracted chemists and crystallographers from the greater New England area.

In 2008 and 2009, Glen Miller gave invited seminars at Tufts University, Syracuse University, Northeastern University, Columbia University, UMass Lowell and the University of Cincinnati. At Cincinnati, he had an opportunity to visit with James Mack, the first Miller group Ph.D. and a recently tenured Associate Professor of Chemistry.   

In 2008 and 2009, Glen Miller funded 12 REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) and 5 RET (Research Experiences for Teachers) positions and made classroom presentations to over 500 NH based K-12 students and teachers.  He also co-organized (with Subhash Minocha) a nanotechnology component of Project SMART ( summer.   

In June of 2008, Glen Miller was awarded a named professorship at UNH, the Class of 1944 Professorship

In 2008, James Rainbolt successfully completed his Ph.D. thesis and then began a postdoctoral position at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where he has been working on organic semiconductors for OLED applications.

 Andreas (Drew) Athans successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in May, 2007 and then began working with Luis Echegoyen as a postdoctoral fellow at Clemson University.  In 2009, Drew accepted a position at Nano-C Inc. of Westwood, MA.  Nano-C produces nanostructured carbons (fullerenes, CNTs, etc.) for applications in alternative energies and catalysis.

At the 2008 Materials Research Society international meeting in Boston, MA and the 2009 National ACS Meeting in Washington D.C., Jeremy Kintigh presented separate posters describing his efforts to hydrogenate nanostructured carbons including carbon nanotubes and graphene.

Jeremy Kintigh, Ryan Kopreski, Chandrani Pramanik, Wenling Jia, Irvinder Kaur all presented posters at the at the 2008 Reaction Mechanisms Conference in Chapel Hill, N.C. Jeremy Kintigh and Wenling Jia both won awards for best presentation.