Yi (Joyce) Xu
Graduate Student   large product photo

B.S. Materials Science and Engineering
Xiamen University, China, Fall of 2007.

Joyce is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Chemistry at the Unversity of New Hampshire with an anticipated graduation date of 2012. 

Joyce's projects include work on Ag/C60 nanoparticles, and computer modeling.  She will be working on Acene/C60 nanostructures.

Acenes, especially pentacene, are regarded as p-type electron donors and C60 is a very good n-type electron acceptor. Joyce's goal is to control the morphology of these two to show great electron-hole mobilities. They have great potential in organic solar cells.

Aside from research, Joyce enjoys playing the traditional Chinese instrument called the Guzheng (Chinese Zither),  and has performed in both China and the United States. Music makes her life colorful.

Contact Joyce : ypn3@cisunix.unh.edu